The Beginning

Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” -Walt Whitman

It’s the middle of October, I’m 23 years old, and I’ve made an art of making life-altering decisions… It may be the need for constant beginnings, a fear of complacency, or serial boredom; but nevertheless, this habit of uprooting everything in my life for something new has become a hobby, maybe even a passion.

I never thought I would end up this way. I had big plans to finish school, get married, pop out little carbon copies of myself that my parents could gush about which traits came from which family member, find a hobby to keep me busy, hopefully retire at a comfortable age, then gush over my grandchildren’s inherited eye color and so on. Somewhere in the midst of drastically changing majors 8 times, moving from OKC to Stillwater to Edmond where I graduated, then to Tulsa where I began my career as a NeuroTrauma ICU nurse, I let go of that original plan and began to let life carry me. This takes me to my next beginning..

Sydney. As in Sydney, Australia. Not sure what made me decide this particular place besides the fact that I have to go somewhere that speaks English (no way am I learning medical jargon in French or Spanish), and although it’s approximately 18 months away from happening, I’m extremely excited. I broke the news to my family this week. My stepfather is all for it, my mother is petrified, my little brother asked if he could have my car, and my grandmother wants to accompany me. I would say all solid and expected reactions (except my grandmother; what would she do in Australia?!)

Anyway, this blogging thing is also a new beginning, hopefully it will become a more natural thing with time.

With Love,


One comment

  1. Margaret · October 19, 2014

    How lovely! I can’t wait to follow your every word!


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